My Blogging Experience…. so far!

As I wrap up this semester, I must say I really enjoyed starting my own blog. I wish I can post more. But I’m glad my professor pushed me out of my comfort zone and challenged me. I enjoy blogging about fashion because it had become like an outlet for me. I learned a lot about HTML and coding.

I used twitter to promote my blog and tags and categorizing my blog really helped. I don’t have many followers but I have had some likes and pages views. I also plan to really be involved in the blog community and just follow different blogs that interest me and be interactive.

 I don’t plan to stop now… I really want to make my blog more professional, not only with how it looks but how I post. I want to take more professional pictures to upload. And who knows maybe even have some advertisements on here to really get my blog out there! I now understand the importance of getting yourself be known to the community in which  you want to have a career. And I plan to do that not only with my blog but with social media.  Wish me luck! And stay around for more fashion posts to come!





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