My Blogging Experience…. so far!

As I wrap up this semester, I must say I really enjoyed starting my own blog. I wish I can post more. But I’m glad my professor pushed me out of my comfort zone and challenged me. I enjoy blogging about fashion because it had become like an outlet for me. I learned a lot about HTML and coding.

I used twitter to promote my blog and tags and categorizing my blog really helped. I don’t have many followers but I have had some likes and pages views. I also plan to really be involved in the blog community and just follow different blogs that interest me and be interactive.

 I don’t plan to stop now… I really want to make my blog more professional, not only with how it looks but how I post. I want to take more professional pictures to upload. And who knows maybe even have some advertisements on here to really get my blog out there! I now understand the importance of getting yourself be known to the community in which  you want to have a career. And I plan to do that not only with my blog but with social media.  Wish me luck! And stay around for more fashion posts to come!






Well as we all know they cold weather is upon us. And one thing that is really popular during this weather is leggings. I know we all love them because they’re so comfy! So I came up with 3 different ways that we can wear our favorite leggings.


The first look is a more casual look. Some cute printed leggings are paired well with a solid color sweater, I added a statement necklace just to give it some pop!


My second look is a more dressed up look. I paired solid black leggings with a fancy jacket. The jacket already has sequence so big jewelry isn’t really necessary. The pair of heels do give it a more sophisticated look.


And my last look is  one of my favorite mini dresses with a pair of leggings underneath for the cold weather. I would wear this for a night out with my girlfriends. I added a couple bangles for a more complete look.

I hope you guys enjoy! Let me know how you like to wear your favorite pair of leggings!



Winter Must Haves

Hey guys! Happy Sunday!

I hope you had a great weekend! I spend mine mostly inside, catching up on homework. The semester is almost finished so finals are right around the corner. Although, this weather makes me just want to cozy up in a blanket and never go outside! These are my gotta-have-pieces that will get me through the cold weather. Just because the weather has dropped doesn’t mean you cant still look stylish.

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Looking good, Feeling better

Hey loves! So I know all of my post so far have been about how to look your best, but I also find it important to be healthy. To feel good about yourself inside and out. This link talks more about not just looking good but feeling good as well.

healthy lifestyle



Fashion Experts

As a class assignment we were asked to reach out to some “thought leaders” or people we look up to in the industry we are writing about. I decided to reach out to singer Demi Lavoto and Kourtney Kardashian, who is a fashion designer and a tv personality.


I saw Kourtney tweet about the Kardashian shoe collection that launches in November I’m Australia and took the opportunity to tweet her a question about fashion designing. Of course she’s probably too buy filming and doing fabulous photo shoots that my tweet went unanswered.
Kardashian shoe line
I also reached out to Demi but didn’t get a response back.

I’ll keep y’all posted if either of them tweet back.

Passion for Fashion

If you are anything like me you spend hours picking out your outfit and inspired by everything around you. I chose to blog about what inspires me and what I am most passionate about. Hoping that in return it inspires you to express yourself and your own style (even if its different.) With this blog, I also hope to explore my own creativeness and take risks! Fashion risks that is!

Stay tuned for how to Youtube videos.

A’gaci chevron shirt
Anne Klein high wasted pants
ALDO shoes